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Pack n’ Play

We were contacted by Simpson Housing regarding a client about to have her second child. She works at a convenience store just down the block from her apartment. She planned to take a short time off with her new baby, then return to work while her mother watches the kids. She has been a successful housing client and needed help outside what Simpson could provide.

Our newest client helper, Marie, handled the initial call and did a great job understanding the need so a speedy decision could be made to help. A couple of our team members located a new Pack n’ Play, as requested by the client, to use as a crib as well as some much needed diapers.

A unique request and one for which T2NL was happy to step in the gap.

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One thought on “Pack n’ Play

  1. Erin Stojmenovic on said:

    Hello, this is the landlord from the apartment building where your organization helped the mother with rent and the pack and play. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it!

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