How does it work?

Once a need has been identified, either through direct contact or referral, we may request the on line application to be completed. Then, a member of our team will be given the case, refer it to our Grant Team (when applicable) who will pray over and discuss the case.

When an applicant’s request has been accepted, we will reach out to the applicant to confirm our commitment AND clarify the applicant’s duties and responsibilities to receive the assistance. Once agreed, we will move to meet the applicant’s need.

From time to time we may be unable to meet the applicants’ specific request.

Following are the terms and conditions which must be agreed upon by the applicant before the application will be accepted for review by the organization:

  • The applicant may be asked to provide information and/or documentation to substantiate his/her income and evidence of the ongoing sustainability of the living situation. All information shared will be kept confidential
  • All financial grants will be paid directly to the vendor/landlord. The applicant will be asked to give permission to communicate directly with the vendor/landlord
  • The average financial grant historically has been $300. The specific grant provided may be more or less than this as determined by the organization
  • The typical time from the applicant’s completed application to the fulfillment of a claim is one week
  • Once a assistance has been provided, subsequent requests for assistance may require additional information and scrutiny
  • Applicants must reside in the seven county metro area of Minneapolis-St. Paul (Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott and Washington counties)
  • The organization reserves the exclusive right to fulfill or deny any and all requests
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